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Monday, September 26, 2011

Video Testimonials to LGO by Deans of MIT Sloan, MIT Engineering Demonstrate a “Signature Program for MIT”

This week the LGO program was privileged to release video statements by Dean David Schmittlein of the MIT Sloan School of Management, and Dean Ian Waitz of the MIT School of Engineering, about the value of LGO to MIT, its students and partners, and to the world.


Dean Schmittlein describes the program’s unique collaboration of MIT Sloan and MIT Engineering, the qualities of LGO students, and the partnership with global leaders in industry. The Dean states that "MIT has always been about innovation of products and processes. Graduates of this program are ready to lead innovation." He describes LGO students as "grounded, smart, and practical, and among the nicest people you'll ever meet." "This program's graduates," he says, "are ready to fulfill the mission of MIT: to invent the future. They're ready to invent the future for themselves, for their companies, and for the world."


Dean Waitz discusses how the LGO partnership provides LGO students unique opportunities to engage in hands-on experiences and engage with critical challenges in industry. He says LGO students represent a growing demographic at MIT of students who want to be experts in a wide-ranging, problem- or domain-focused area rather than singling out a specific discipline. Dean Waitz says that "our students need to be able to work and operate and lead change in many different cultures and time zones, and companies. LGO uniquely prepares students for pursuing such a global career path."

LGO is proud to have these two distinguished leaders at MIT convey the passion, the focus, and the commitment to manufacturing and operations that characterize our program.

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